RF and Microwave Switching Components, Assemblies, & Systems



Custom Microwave Components, Inc. (CMC), located fifty miles south east of San Francisco in the city of Fremont, provides professional engineering, design, development, and manufacturing of RF and Microwave integrated assemblies and components. Numerous existing designs of solid-state control components (Switches, Attenuators, and Phase Shifters) and passive support products (Filters, Dividers, Couplers, and Gain Equalizers) allows for ready integration and build up of complex RF/Microwave multi-function assemblies (RF Distribution and Switch/Filter Matrices).

Our design and manufacturing of products include:

Solid-State Control Components
  • Switches
  • Attenuators
  • Phase Shifters
Passive Support Products
  • Filters
  • Dividers
  • Couplers
  • Gain Equalizers
Multi-Function Assemblies
  • Distribution Matrices
  • Switch/Filter Matrices


 Linear Equalizer/Attenuator

8.0-16.3 GHz, 10 dB Negative Slope, <±0.85 dB Linearity, <1.5 dB Loss.  Other frequencies and slopes available.  APPLICATION:  Military Airborne & Ground Based Frequency Memory Loop

80X5 Switch Matrix

0.1 to 18.0 GHz Non-Blocking, 0 dB Gain, 19" Rack Mount w/Line Replaceable Units    APPLICATION:  Military Airborne Surveillance

8X8 Switch Matrix

Non-Blocking 0.5-18.0 GHz, 60 dB Isolation APPLICATIONS: Military Airborne, Commercial Benchtop

8X5 Switch Matrix

 Non-Blocking providing "Full Fan-Out" capability.  Available in bands covering 0.1 to 18.0 GHz.  Solid-State switches allows fast, reliable, and repeatable matrix configuration.   APPLICATION:  Military Airborne


20 dB Gain SP5T Switch w/Integral Driver   APPLICATION:  Military Ground Based

Variable Attenuator

2.8-3.2 GHz, 10 dB and 24 dB Input Sample Ports with 20 dB Mechanically Adjustable Output Port. APPLICATION: Military Shipboard

24X12 Switch Matrix System

Full Fan-Out (Non-Blocking) Solid-State Matrix w/70 dB min Isolation and a 70 dB (0.5 dB step) Solid-State Attenuator in line with each Matrix output.  System covers 0.2-3.0 GHz w/25 dB max Loss. Touch-Screen Browser-User-Interface provides control over LAN.   APPLICATION: Commercial Telecom Radio Routing & Hand-Over Testing

Isolator/Coupler Assy

8-16.3 GHz with 2.0 dB, 11.6 dB, and 16.0 dB Output Ports   APPLICATION: Military Airborne & Ground Based


Ku-Band, 10 dB   APPLICATION: Military Airborne


C-Band w/Non-Reflective SP8T & Integral Driver. APPLICATION: Military Ground Vehicle Phase Array

High-Power Switch

160W CW Hot-Switched C-Band SP3T, 0.45 dB Insertion Loss, 5 microsec Switching Speed, RS-422 Control w/RF Function BIT, Screening/MIL-STD-883    APPLICATION: Military Airborne Phase Array


20W CW C-Band, Phase Matched Port/Port & Unit/Unit, >7,000 unit delivered    APPLICATION: Military Seaborne Phased Array

4-Channel IFCM

160 MHz IF Control Module, ±0.2 dB Gain and ±15° Phase Matched Channels, PCIe format.   APPLICATION: Military Airborne & Bench Top Receiver/Digital Data Recorder Interface

IF Conditioner Module

160 Mhz w/selectable ± 3.5, ±10.0, & ±25 MHZ bandwidths.  14 dB Gain, 0.1 dB Gain Matched.  PMC format.  APPLICATION:  Military Airborne & Bench Top Receiver and Digital Data Recorder Interface

SP10T Band-Select Switch

0.1-18.0 GHz, <2 dB Loss, & >30 dB Isolation  APPLICATION: Airborne Military